Pandemic to Endemic

Dispatch #086

Village Talk

by Mj Pramik

Posted May 13, 2020

I’d like to slap that smirk right off Paul Hudson’s face! Didn’t his friggin mother teach him some morals?! Sneering Paul thinks he’s a big shit! He’s CEO of Sanofi, the gigamondous drug maker. He says any vaccine jerririgged in HIS manufacturing facility in the United States will go first to U.S. citizens. We the People have first dibs. Like Ha! Gotcha global peoples. USA! USA! Numba one. We get the first shots. We got it first, nah, nah, nah. Everyone else can just die. Don’t ya’ll wish you’d bee born here? Oh, I forgot, ya’ll stuck outside this country now, bottom fence, two sides an ocean, and a closed northern border.

What an unethical piece of shit, you Paul Hudson. Immoral, unethical. He’s gleeing it up. Americans beat out other suffering billions of slobs who weren’t smart enough to be born here. Somebody do something. Kidnap Mr. Paul. Stop him. Send him to Haiti with the infected citizens who have nowhere to turn. You say we have to accept this disgusting human behavior. Hardwired from competition not compassion.

My momma didn’t teach me as such. If we tried this kind of shit at home, we’d get slapped and made to go to confession on Saturday afternoon.

COVID-19 vaccine should be free for all humans on this planet. Get it out as fast as possible. Like FREE! As a 12-year-old in rural Ohio I got the polio vaccine on a sugar cube at the county court house on a sunny Sunday afternoon. My coal miner daddy did not pay a penny for his entire family of seven to receive this vaccine. I stood in line in the gravel parking lot behind the courthouse. We got the frigging vaccine free. Even the sugar cube was free. I do recall a bitter aftertaste, however.

When a reporter asked, “Are you going to patent the polio vaccine, Dr. Salk?” Jonas Salk said, “Can you patent the sun?” The 1950s were a time of ethical and compassionate acts. Less greed than now. Salk fulfilled his life goal of helping humankind. That was enough for him.

I’m waiting for our better angels to show their faces, their wings. I may have to wear a bullet proof vest for that shot of COVID-19 vaccine. I foresee a feeding frenzy up ahead.
Sent to us on: February 14, 2021

How will the Coronavirus Pandemic shape storytelling for the years to come? 

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With support from the California Arts Council, San Francisco Creative Writing Institute will present Dispatches from Quarantine: hybrid storytelling events and writing workshops. 

The project is scheduled from January 2023 to August 2023!

We will be broadcasting the public readings and discussions on our youtube channel as well as hosting four creative writing workshops with writers from diverse genres. The project will continue to be interactive as we will encourage viewers/participants to send in their “dispatches” to be published on our blog, keeping it alive as a living document.

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