Dispatch #028

Subject: Startup Lockdown May 11, 2020 To: US Dear Everyone, It’s been a long time since we have talked. I hope you and yours are well and good (I really mean that with all the love in my heart). Things for me are ‘good’. I can’t say great because sometimes they are extremely bad and sometimes theyContinue reading “Dispatch #028”

Dispatch #027

77 Days and Counting    By Jan Holliday      How do we measure this Pandemic supermarket lines  the bar meter  how much bathroom tissue  on the supermarket shelves  numerating faith  it will end sometime  or is it the number of bathroom tissues  hidden on the top shelf of the garage  like the whiskey bottlesContinue reading “Dispatch #027”

Dispatch #023

3 Poems | Pandemic Advice | Strange Spring | Stay-at-Home By Vivian Wagner Pandemic Advice      Buddha knocked   on my door  this morning   and from a safe  distance told me   not to worry.  “We have nothing   to start with, so   nothing to lose,”  he said, miming a hug  before turning away  and disappearing down  Continue reading “Dispatch #023”

Dispatch #013

2 Poems By Caitlin Krause explaining to my dog about coronavirus   she doesn’t understand anything about this time except maybe the joy that I have become her new best friend always around, always beside her in a way neither of us expected I find myself crawling on all fours, tongue lolling out, my playfulContinue reading “Dispatch #013”

Dispatch #010

Quarantine Haynaku By: Maiana Minahal Weeping, fearing doorknobs and shared elevators. 4/9/20 * My quarantine window Faintly smelling bleach, counting unmasked pedestrians. 4/25/20 * Maiana Minahal Poet, interdisciplinary artist, educator Author of Legend Sondayo (Civil Defense Poetry, 2009) Assistant Professor, English and Writing Kapi’olani Community College Honolulu, Hawaii.