Dispatch #005*

*We started to get submissions! So I’m going to start publishing them. Here’s the first one. It’s a poem by Bay Area poet and impresario Paul Corman-Roberts. The formatting is off from what he sent me. He didn’t skip lines but I don’t know how to do that in wordpress w/ a cut and paste. So leaving it with this new spacing. I think it adds to the poem considering the theme, don’t you? -AK


All this distancing

          is going to leave us

            hornier and kinkier than ever

All this time lying about

            our platforms will leave no

willing body undiscovered.

There is only so much lonely

            we can bear

before giving in to the larger ocean

            and all the forbidden that follows.

Sadness and joy

            become a singularity

            resistance turns to vapor

            shoes removed on sand

bodies presented momentarily

            before returning

to the void of lonely asteroids

            passing in the night

searching for a shore

            they can’t even remember

was promised or not

all of us now

            deep in the sideways

still pretending

            it’s not us.

Categories: Poetry

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  1. The New Abnormal Part IV is certainly heart-felt – a down-to-earth expression of isolation. Thank you, Paul Corman-Roberts, for sharing.

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