Dispatch #030

Stubborn weeds     By Shizue Seigel     In my neighborhood of stubborn weeds  I hope that COVID came just in time to save us  from total eradication, preserving the last of the grit  from million-dollar scrubs of virgin  olive oil, oatmeal and sage by the pampered few who  can afford to bathe their skinsContinue reading “Dispatch #030”

Dispatch #029

The Pushouts    By Aqueila M. Lewis-Ross      The City that nevers sleeps is silent  Forced to quarantine like everyone else  No wonder the Mayor complains   Dollars were always made here  But now she sleeps    It’s hot as hell and hades is awakened  The homeless made visible  Letting flesh burn while laying onContinue reading “Dispatch #029”

Dispatch #028

Subject: Startup Lockdown May 11, 2020 To: US Dear Everyone, It’s been a long time since we have talked. I hope you and yours are well and good (I really mean that with all the love in my heart). Things for me are ‘good’. I can’t say great because sometimes they are extremely bad and sometimes theyContinue reading “Dispatch #028”

Dispatch #026

Dream By Marilyn J. Dykstra   I didn’t go I didn’t come To see my mom although I’d been asked Many times before.   She always revived To live another sunrise Another birthday. Why wouldn’t this week be the same? No, no, I didn’t go.   An attendant said That a week before Mom shoutedContinue reading “Dispatch #026”

Dispatch #027

77 Days and Counting    By Jan Holliday      How do we measure this Pandemic supermarket lines  the bar meter  how much bathroom tissue  on the supermarket shelves  numerating faith  it will end sometime  or is it the number of bathroom tissues  hidden on the top shelf of the garage  like the whiskey bottlesContinue reading “Dispatch #027”

Dispatch #025

MY CIRCLE By Liz Cahill going on a silent retreat mapping all the tasks  my brain has to complete  thank my future self skip songs move fast or fast enough  before the fruit in the Bell Jar rots  Craigslist white board  bought a year ago tomato and bread dinner plans  post-it executives  park circles inContinue reading “Dispatch #025”

Dispatch #024

RUNNING By Rose Heredia I don’t remember the first time I laced up my sneakers, strapped on my iPod and hit the pavement. I only remember the sweat dripping from my forehead and bridge of my nose. The power in my legs as I sprinted the last block to my Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment. The thirstContinue reading “Dispatch #024”

Dispatch #023

3 Poems | Pandemic Advice | Strange Spring | Stay-at-Home By Vivian Wagner Pandemic Advice      Buddha knocked   on my door  this morning   and from a safe  distance told me   not to worry.  “We have nothing   to start with, so   nothing to lose,”  he said, miming a hug  before turning away  and disappearing down  Continue reading “Dispatch #023”

Dispatch #022

Pandemic Thoughts, Sleepless Nights  by Sofia Reddy It’s 1 am and I’m up. I’m thinking how on March 16th, 2020 life as we know it took a dramatic turn. That’s the week we found out schools and other non-essential businesses were closing. At first it was announced it would be for 3 weeks. Then weContinue reading “Dispatch #022”

Dispatch #021

Dull reverberation, reality television, and staying sane in quarantine My name is Molly Smith and I’m a creative writer based in Denver. As a single person living alone during the pandemic, my isolation has impacted my daily life in unusual ways… By Molly Smith | Denver, Colorado I’ve been isolated in my one-bedroom apartment forContinue reading “Dispatch #021”


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