Dispatch #081

The evolution, April by J.I. Kleinberg For a while, in the first months of the pandemic, you feared your hands: that they might be the engine of your destruction, grab from the air, from book or doorknob, newspaper or broccoli, the errant cell calling to your lungs. Those hands, lathered, rinsed, laundry hung out in […]

Dispatch #080

The Revolt of the Homeless by Gary Beck The young patrol officer and the tired, cynical Sergeant slowly herded the homeless off the subway car. The young officer kept saying: “C’mon guys. We’ve got to empty the subway to disinfect the cars. That’s the only way we can control the Wuhan Virus. We don’t want […]

We Were Awarded a California Arts Council Local Impact Grant

Dear Readers, I’m pleased to announce that San Francisco Creative Writing Institute just received a Local Impact Award from the California Arts Council. State funds will support Dispatches from Quarantine: A literary blog turned hybrid performance series of literary events and workshops that attempt to answer the question: How will Covid-19 affect storytelling for the years to […]

Dispatch #079

The Waiting Room by K.R. Morrison Sleeping awake in dream, I visited the waiting room of those always socially distanced One crew of ancestor slaves baked a cake for Saturn laughing they poured whiskey shots Now y’all gotta listen, stay home for the Karma Inquisition. Two golden girls sat by the window anxiety chainsmoking someone […]

Dispatch #078

Hallelujah by Rowena Choy Henry           On the night before his inauguration I watched President-elect Biden and his wife and Vice President-elect Harris and her husband attend a ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool to honor the then 400,000 Americans* who died of Covid during the pandemic. It’s such a huge number and the fact […]

Dispatch #077

Shadow by Mir Yashar Seyedbagheri Phil sees his shadow. I see shadows too. Older sisters, mothers, smiles, and hugs over Zoom. Shadows of I-love-yous, words crackling, and promises to see each other soon. I see shadows of Netflix binges without chill, couches too large for one. And I see shadows of voluminous, yet easily drained […]

Dispatch #076

Winter 2021 Alien Nations by Gerard Sarnat i. Otherness Plague tanka   Entering Year II, mid-septuagenarian’s grown weary spending precious time sequestered — not hugging/ kissing loved, dying.   * ii. West Village haiku   The Twenties there started bleak on Bleeker Street before got bleakest.   * iii. Repugs’ Little Green Book   “If you […]

Dispatch #075

Bald Rapunzel by Robert E. Petras Me—leaning over the balcony, Confined for a 14-day sentence To the garage apartment, Found guilty by nose swab, The negative positive of these times.   My wife drops off my food on the stoop Like an abandoned baby, Food I couldn’t taste anyway, Not even salt-and-vinnies, Nor the Amish […]

Dispatch #074

Ghosts by Rowena Choy Henry At the beginning of the pandemic in New York City I felt a searing sense of deja vu when I heard the stories shared by the nurses and doctors who cared for Coronavirus patients. They spoke about their shock and feelings of helplessness as they were inundated by overwhelming numbers […]

Dispatch #073

THE GUITAR MAN IN QUARANTINE by John Grey I’m wary of doorknobs and the breath of others but this wood I’d trust with my life. I’m nervous putting my hands most places but not on this fretboard, these taut strings.   Outdoors, these days, I’ve been social distanced into loneliness. Inside, however, the round body […]


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