Dispatch #016

The Calendar By Evelia Ayala March 13, 14 15 16 17 18 19 The days on the calendar  Move slow Dead routines I cannot go to The library Are left with reading E-books No park, no movie theater Except Looking at the calendar March 22, 23, 24 25 I am still stuck at home While the Calendar’s routineContinue reading “Dispatch #016”

Dispatch #015

April 29 2020 CONSCIOUS TEACHER OF A COVID19 WORLD By Nicole Henares None of us were prepared for the announcement during 7th Block on March 5th- A student’s family member had tested positive for COVID19, our school was closed.  That day my students were watching the episode “Hope” from the television show Blackish because they hadContinue reading “Dispatch #015”

Dispatch #014

April 17, 2020 Dear Administrator, I suggested a pass/fail system weeks ago, but did not pursue that path since all of us have been trying to figure out remote teaching. I am also in favor of the Moorestown Friends model. Whichever system we choose, we need to stand by it. Moreover, as a faculty weContinue reading “Dispatch #014”

Dispatch #013

2 Poems By Caitlin Krause explaining to my dog about coronavirus   she doesn’t understand anything about this time except maybe the joy that I have become her new best friend always around, always beside her in a way neither of us expected I find myself crawling on all fours, tongue lolling out, my playfulContinue reading “Dispatch #013”

Dispatch #012

iRobot Again By Aqueila M. Lewis-Ross   Beep! Beep! Powering Up! Powering Down! Beep! Beep!   You’re only allowed 6ft! The command to practice social-distancing. You must shelter-in-place! Because touching anything might be the end of the race.   I risk it all to see my baby laugh and play at the neighborhood park.  ButContinue reading “Dispatch #012”

Dispatch #010

Quarantine Haynaku By: Maiana Minahal Weeping, fearing doorknobs and shared elevators. 4/9/20 * My quarantine window Faintly smelling bleach, counting unmasked pedestrians. 4/25/20 * Maiana Minahal Poet, interdisciplinary artist, educator Author of Legend Sondayo (Civil Defense Poetry, 2009) Assistant Professor, English and Writing Kapi’olani Community College Honolulu, Hawaii.

Dispatch #007

By Alexandra Kostoulas I have been feeling highly anxious the past few days and it ramps up at night.* So, here I am in the middle of the night, just free writing in here without a plan. These are probably thoughts I should save for my private journal. They don’t make me look very “writerly.”Continue reading “Dispatch #007”


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