Dispatch #058

Silver Lining by Norma Smith My animal sleeps, eyes open, on her gray sheepskin pad beside my desk. She’s curled up, snoring gently. Both of her two-leggeds have stayed home with her day and night since mid-March, when the human pandemic was fully unleashed. At first, we people struggled with our abrupt nearly complete isolation. […]

Dispatch #057

Night and Day. Covid, October 21 by Penelope Blair Late in the evening I read an email from my poetry friend It sounds reluctant, and casual despite the potential for panic She’s been in the company of a person testing positive this time; He’s testing every week (being a coach of a soccer team) as […]

Dispatch #056

Lower-Class Artist Imagines by Tongo Eisen-Martin Grip my heart tighter, Lord Help me write on this sleeve… like listening to Nina Simone later in life The poet takes over for his former self: The secret to writing poems is to not deflect. If you do not know anything fretted about the color blue, don’t go […]

Dispatch #055

2 Poems by Andres Cordoba the heart keeping me alive When spiders build webs it is from the center out. They are fishermen in their wordless devotion, traversing gaps far too large for their single bodies. Releasing their webs to the wind and hopin it will be caught on the other end. Then they cross […]

Update on Dispatches from Quarantine

December 7, 2021 Dear Writers & Readers: After a series of setbacks which caused an almost year-long hiatus in our publishing cycle, we pleased to announced that Dispatches are back! We have so many more beautiful poems and writing pieces about the pandemic to share with you. In the coming days and weeks, we will […]

Dispatch #054

Zarina Zabrisky 9/11: I have mentioned before that I was booked to fly United Airlines Flight 93 on September 11, 2001, from Newark to San Francisco, with my family. It crashed in Pennsylvania, killing all 44 people aboard including the four hijackers. The passengers fought the hijackers and prevented the plane from hitting its target. […]

Dispatch #053

The World at Golden Way Our House in Quarantine By: Hilary King Kitchen One morning I wake up and the kitchen is empty. The cabinets beneath the stove, empty. The shelves above the counter, empty. Even the dishrack, these days a dump truck of pots, pans, bowls, spatulas, cake tins, beaters, ramekins, pasta maker and […]

Dispatch #052

4 Covid-19 Poems By: Marianne Peele Chicago, IL * Sent in on 8-30-2020. (some poems written in Florida) We Have Grown Soft During This Pandemic August 30, 2020 Belly soft. Hands soft between us. I touch your knee in between the silences, checking in.  You are the first person I touch every morning We settle […]

Dispatch #51

Overmorrow Andrew J. Thomas Yesterday was the same as today; is the same as tomorrow. Each day passing, one foot in front of the other, a long aimless walk into wilderness. Our faces left behind, wind knocked out from underneath. Our bodies encased in fear, Hearts thumping in our ears– even sunsets have grown unremarkable. […]

Dispatch #050

Pandemic Gratitudes Melissa Eleftherion Good air quality today A house and a job Simplified hysteria Kitten antics No fights today Enough money to pay the bills Warm bed Glad I’m not a tool bureaucrat Family blue sky No pressure to leave the house Some quiet Witches Healthy now Have job New faucet Imaginal cells Laughs […]


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