Dispatch #053

The World at Golden Way Our House in Quarantine By: Hilary King Kitchen One morning I wake up and the kitchen is empty. The cabinets beneath the stove, empty. The shelves above the counter, empty. Even the dishrack, these days a dump truck of pots, pans, bowls, spatulas, cake tins, beaters, ramekins, pasta maker and […]

Dispatch #052

4 Covid-19 Poems By: Marianne Peele Chicago, IL * Sent in on 8-30-2020. (some poems written in Florida) We Have Grown Soft During This Pandemic August 30, 2020 Belly soft. Hands soft between us. I touch your knee in between the silences, checking in.  You are the first person I touch every morning We settle […]

Dispatch #51

Overmorrow Andrew J. Thomas Yesterday was the same as today; is the same as tomorrow. Each day passing, one foot in front of the other, a long aimless walk into wilderness. Our faces left behind, wind knocked out from underneath. Our bodies encased in fear, Hearts thumping in our ears– even sunsets have grown unremarkable. […]

Dispatch #050

Pandemic Gratitudes Melissa Eleftherion Good air quality today A house and a job Simplified hysteria Kitten antics No fights today Enough money to pay the bills Warm bed Glad I’m not a tool bureaucrat Family blue sky No pressure to leave the house Some quiet Witches Healthy now Have job New faucet Imaginal cells Laughs […]

Dispatch #049

A Day in the Life of a Mom Carla petree Skill Drills 8:15 am – healthier lifestyle YouTube videos with D 9:00 – educational skill drills with C 10:00 – Thursdays, read & sing with K, otherwise tend the garden 12:00 – lunch  1:00 – long to withdraw and read so the time can slip […]

Dispatch #048

The Language of Books By: Adriana Macias Carmen woke up in a bad mood today and spent the rest of the day finding some fault in everything and everyone. The Shelter In Place policy in our county has caused drastic changes in my four-year-old’s life. I spent half the day dealing with tantrums. I had […]

Dispatch #047

Quarantine By: T.S. Rowell July 5 2020 When it began, for an uncertain duration this was to be a month of stillness two months of these same walls or maybe just one summer of inside It’s a little cowpath knot I pace I am at the sofa, or chair, or kitchen table, walking this circuit […]

Dispatch #046

By: Leah Mele-Bazaz Saturday May 30th Philadelphia, PA A thick smoke filled our courtyard area and entered our apartment through our bedroom windows. I knew this because my cheap twenty-dollar makeshift desk is right by the window, and I was finishing up a work project as smoke began to infiltrate my nostrils. I had liked […]

Dispatch #045

3 Poems By: Ndaba Sibanda Corona Poems A Poor Person’s Precarious Paces And Spaces  Her efforts to hold back, to hold herself back Against hurtling and hurting herself helplessly With a hungry, tiny child strapped to her back Are a betrayal, as she bursts into tears and fury Her hiding husband betrayed her, battered her […]

Dispatch #044

3 Poems Kitty Costello Ode to Soap A repetitive acrostic Savior of all people Soothe our aching psyches Scrub our appendages pristinely Sluff off atrocious pathogens Secure our antiseptic perimeter Shelter our anxious populace Stop our anguished panic   Sterile object assuring purification Substance offering actual prophylaxis Safeguarding orifices against proliferation Scary organism’s armor punctured […]


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