Dispatch #092

Capital Philosophy

by Drew Pisarra

I forget when Reality became
a genre, ‘though I do recall when Lies
were recast as Alt Facts. As for what’s Sane
that’s always been up for debate. I tried
but failed to find Logic in Wittgenstein.
I do better with Nietzsche, Plato, Sartre,
Schopenhauer, Marx, Arendt, and Descartes…
Yet none of them make our Universe clear
as I panic-shop in the minimart.
When the Truth’s up for sale, the cost is dear.
Sent to us on: March 13, 2021

How will the Coronavirus Pandemic shape storytelling for the years to come? 

Calling all Dispatchers!

San Francisco Creative Writing Institute is pleased to announce we were awarded California Arts Council Local Impact Grant! 

With support from the California Arts Council, San Francisco Creative Writing Institute will present Dispatches from Quarantine: hybrid storytelling events and writing workshops. 

The project is scheduled from January 2023 to August 2023! Come to our first event on May 1 hosted by Tongo Eisen-Martin in zoom.

We will be broadcasting the public readings and discussions on our youtube channel as well as hosting four creative writing workshops with writers from diverse genres. The project will continue to be interactive as we will encourage viewers/participants to send in their “dispatches” to be published on our blog, keeping it alive as a living document.

 We invite you to submit a dispatch: 

Suggested Theme:

What is your Covid story? How will you tell it? 

You can send submissions in any format to us via email at: All genres will be considered for publication on the blog. submissions@dispatchesfromquarantine.co  The theme should be somehow related to this time of Coronavirus. We are particularly interested in posts/ideas/writings from 2022-23.

Submissions can be sent by email to: submissions@dispatchesfromquarantine.co

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