Dispatch #076

Winter 2021 Alien Nations

by Gerard Sarnat

Photo by Plato Terentev on Pexels.com
i. Otherness Plague tanka
Entering Year II, 
grown weary spending
precious time sequestered — not
hugging/ kissing loved, dying.

ii. West Village haiku 
The Twenties there
started bleak on Bleeker Street 
before got bleakest. 


iii. Repugs’ Little Green Book
“If you go carrying pictures of 
Chairman Mao you ain’t going 
to make it with anyone anyhow.”
— Beatles, Revolution, 1968
Exalted Chairperson Zed
taps out one last re-education
blast on manual typewriter,
then places black dunce cap 
on head, pours gasoline over,
flicks match, explodes loathed
final act of self-immolation before 
Rep. Greene’s committee-less scene.


iv. Hog-wild tanka
Let me count the ways…   
Among other vanities,
if knew for certain
now – you’d end days sequestered
— gain ten, twenty, thirty pounds?

v. Fear of Virosphere kouta
 “Just lay low and cool it.”
—Anthony Fauci, Washington Post, 4Feb21
Was so looking forward to
Super Bowl Sunday’s
crew tapping son’s annual
keg—oops you forget.

Sent to us: Feb 5, 2021

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