Dispatch #067


by Marlene Waldock

Yesterday I walked freely
In grocery stores
Through the malls
Today I am masked
Afraid to talk to others
Staying six feet apart
Uncertain about the future
My mind spinning
My sleep unrestful
I long for the time
When I felt safe
And focused on the known
But the unknown and invisible
Have always been our nemesis
Even if only in our minds
Change happens
It’s the being 
And becoming of things
Embrace it
Make it work for you
Be open and loving.


by Marlene Waldock

The days grow short
The colorful leaves
Drift lazily through the air
Blanketing the ground
The dark clouds
Of the Pandemic, election and hatred
Hang heavy overhead
Weighing us down
Doubt is everywhere
Uncertainty abounds
The system, leadership, future
Life will unfold
As it has for centuries
Challenging times are
Nothing new

Smiles will soon be unveiled
Friends and family gatherings
Celebrate our freedoms
Our good fortune.
May the catalysts
Of Hatred be removed
Unity, Love, respect, compassion
Our main focus
Life is filled with lessons
What is ours?
Follow your heart, love yourself
Be kind and respect others
We are all brothers and sisters
Of the universe
United for the greater good
In God’s name.


by Marlene Waldock

The cool breeze 
Moves gently
Through the open windows.
The crystal blue sky
Hangs above us
Like a soft baby blanket
Fluffy white clouds
Drifting free and lazy
Going nowhere
Living in my bubble
It is as though
This was a perfect day.
Yet beyond my gate
The virus rages
Killing many, hurting more
Businesses closed
Families in food lines
Scared and bewildered
When it ends
What will remain
In it’s mighty path
This day
This perfect day
Will be a memory

Sent to us: 12/28/20

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