journal entry

Dispatch #049

A Day in the Life of a Mom

Carla petree

Skill Drills

8:15 am – healthier lifestyle YouTube videos with D

9:00 – educational skill drills with C

10:00 – Thursdays, read & sing with K, otherwise tend the garden

12:00 – lunch 

1:00 – long to withdraw and read so the time can slip by uncharted but instead take mercy on the    7-year-old who is bored to misery and crying herself to sleep some nights missing her friends and can’t even be encouraged when told school is only 4 more weeks saying I can’t take it and knowing she is telling the soul wrenching truth of the whole world but not know what more you can do because you can’t take it either so ask C to get the Uno cards out for a game.

2:00 – D takes C outside, park if open, beach if not, trails if beach is crowded

3:45 – help C wash hands with soap while singing Happy Birthday or ABCs twice for the 10,000th time since March. Rinse mouth and nostrils too while pretending it’s a game.

4:00 – screen time for C (thank god) 

6:00 pm – make dinner

7:30 – read news that the schools probably won’t open and Russians are hacking our cure research and other countries are banning travel from the U.S. and the stock market looks like something Dr. Seuss drew but keep coming back to the schools probably won’t be opening.

8:00 – howl with the neighbors 

8:10 – get C ready for bed

8:45 – withdraw to your room to binge watch… something

10:00 – try to make Stayed home, made food, played with C sound more interesting than it is when you instant message with friends you have not seen in months or even years because all your travel plans are now high risk activities if not flatly refused at the state line and you miss your people every day like K the granddaughter that was born during Covid and who you’ve seen in person 2 times, or even the irritating mansplainer at work that seems funny now but is actually annoying, but you can’t just keep telling people I miss you, I miss you, and we all seem to say I love you a heck of a lot more now so you type that in by way of goodbye.

10:45 – watch a gardening video to figure out what’s turning the chard brown

11:00 – go to bed

11:45 – wonder how much longer

July 18, 2020

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