Dispatch #034

3 Poems

By Bill Gainer

Thinking about Stuff 
By Bill Gainer
It’s quiet tonight. 
Everyone you love 
gone to sleep 
left you to it. 
So you just think  
the stuff 
that you think about  
now and then 
when you’re alone. 
You know 
it all means nothing. 
Less than nothing  
but it’s yours – 
to worry about 
so you do. 

During the Lockdown  
The safest 
I’ve ever felt. 
Happily Ever After 
I'm pushing 72 years old  
Kae St. Marie, 70.  
All we wanted  
was to live  
happily ever after. 
But this fucking POTUS  
is just a dream killer.  
I don't wish him any harm  
but if he should die  
with a smoldering  
chunk of charcoal  
up his ass – 
I’d  be happy. 

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