Dispatch #017

April 28 2020

case number: 0819999 | save what dates? | case number: 0812000

By Dena Rod

missing: the pleasure that comes
from the pressure of bodies
against your own in the dark
bass pulsing and sweat sticking.
last seen at new year's eve
shrieking amongst its kingdom
as it waved through the party.
any aliases? the feeling of your
body next to mine blanket
wrapping not unlike fog.

save what dates?
tea timed next to the sink
drank with a spoon
still clinking in mug,
i try to piece together
our lives with a needle
carved from butter
melting in my hands
much like my face
under your mouth.


case number: 0812000

missing: shame. my mother
gave it to me and i lost it
amongst the fire of the sun.
it weighed down my kneecaps
worse than heavy cream
whipped and frothed into a kiss.
nursed into a knot, daubed
against my collarbone where
warmth bloomed shame chain
smoked impulsively into a cloud,
condescended to guilt on its way
out. jewelry worn? simply two drops
of sun hanging from its earlobes.

                     *   *   *

Dena Rod is currently the assistant creative nonfiction editor for Homology Lit and the author of the chapbook swallow a beginning. Dena works to illuminate their diasporic experiences of Iranian-American heritage and queer identity, combating negative stereotypes of their intersections in the mainstream media. Catch them on Twitter @alightningrod and denarod.com


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