Dispatch #030

Stubborn weeds     By Shizue Seigel     In my neighborhood of stubborn weeds  I hope that COVID came just in time to save us  from total eradication, preserving the last of the grit  from million-dollar scrubs of virgin  olive oil, oatmeal and sage by the pampered few who  can afford to bathe their skinsContinue reading “Dispatch #030”

Dispatch #014

April 17, 2020 Dear Administrator, I suggested a pass/fail system weeks ago, but did not pursue that path since all of us have been trying to figure out remote teaching. I am also in favor of the Moorestown Friends model. Whichever system we choose, we need to stand by it. Moreover, as a faculty weContinue reading “Dispatch #014”

Dispatch #003

By: Alexandra Kostoulas It’s hard to know how long this thing will last. We are all biding our time and staying inside. There are so many things I wanted to do during this Coronavirus time and I love watching tv and reading books so much but I haven’t felt like it. I’ve also wanted toContinue reading “Dispatch #003”

Dispatch #002

By: Alexandra Kostoulas We knew something was up when things were starting to get weird at the grocery store. This line keeps popping into my head or a variant of it. Like some day I am going to be an old grandma telling my grandchildren about this time and they will listen to my storytellingContinue reading “Dispatch #002”

Dispatch #001

–Alexandra Kostoulas | This whole thing is hard. Some days are easier than others. Today was one of those days that was easier emotionally. But the few times I do go outside I see sad and worried looks on people’s faces in the streets. And the people who are selling food or in the essential servicesContinue reading “Dispatch #001”